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Technical data sheets of materials
Here you will find detailed technical data sheets of the main materials we use. They were chosen for their mechanical properties, cost and availability. For further requirements, please contact the sales department. Electronics Electrotechnical and molding Thermosetting materials
Files to download

To submit us a project:
  • 2/ Other documents required:
  • - Gerber files of the PCB (in RS274-X format)
  • - PCB design/panel design
  • - Pictures of the TOP and the BOTTOM part of the PCB
  • - A document with the component heights
  • - If a maintain of through-hole components is required, please indicate them on a picture of the top side
  • - Data sheet of your machine(s)

Ci Electronics is made up of a team of experts in modelling and complex machining. The company is equipped with high-performance machining centres that are perfectly adapted to its core business; it relies upon the expertise of 4 designers (modellers / project managers) as well as an export sales department for its European and international development. You can download via the link below CI Electronics' presentation brochure.
Types of tooling by process stage
Synoptic view of the PCB process
This synoptic represents the most significant steps met in the wave soldering process in the electronics industry. For each of these steps, we indicate the tools offered by Ci Electronics that complement, enhance or facilitate smooth running of the operations.
block diagram of the pcb process.