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CI Electronics designs and produces a made to measure range of equipment in order to improve and optimize your means of production

CI ELECTRONICS' products are renowned for their excellent mechanical, electrical, thermal, nonmagnetic and flameproof properties.

Wave soldering carrier

Wave soldering pallets are produced from composite materials. Highly resistant and adapted for all uses, these carriers can be simple, adjustable, pockets, with or without cover and ensure high quality soldering. Wave soldering carriers examples

Serigraphy/reflow pallet

Silkscreen printing/reflow supports, also produced from composite materials, facilitate the applying of soldering paste and the positioning of electronic components. Thanks to their high mechanical resistance to high temperatures, these pallets secure the PCB in position during the SMT process. Serigraphy/reflow support examples

Varnishing mask

Applied manually or automatically, the coating (varnishing) masks facilitate the application of varnish to the printed circuit boards. Custom made, they guarantee the masking of the areas and components to be protected. Varnishing mask examples

Pressfit supports

The pressfit supports allow the easy insertion of components for tin-free soldering. Pressfit supports examples

Special tooling

Numerous machined parts and special tooling are manufactured to be precisely suited to the requirements of each project and the specifics of the electronics industry. Special tooling examples