Packaging trays

Machined trays for packaging of components

Packaging trays solutions

In JEDEC format, or according to your specifications, the machined trays provide for packaging of components.

They ensure secure transport and make it possible to automatically install your components delivered in tubes (sticks), in bulk or in non-conventional packaging.

Components are protected by a lid, or by securely stacking the trays one on top of another. Our trays also support your oven cycles, required for components with a high MSL .

They can be designed to accommodate one or more component references and are made of antistatic composite or aluminium (with or without anodisation):

  • Zero tool development costs
  • More accurate positioning of components than with injected or thermoformed trays
  • Short production times
  • Thermally stable materials
  • Compliant with antistatic standards


OUR packaging trays


Repackaging trays adapted to your machine and component configuration

For trays fully adapted to your production, send us your specifications:

  • Type of tray: JEDEC standard, on drawing
  • Component datasheet(s)
  • Specifications: number of components per tray, component orientation, cell depth, requested tolerance, etc.
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Our material have been chosen specificly for your processes. Their main properties are:

  • Antistatic
  • Light
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Clean
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