Stencil Printing Supports

Support and maintain PCB during second stencil printing operation

Ensure the quality of your stencil printing operation

Dedicated to mass production, our aluminium supports ensure reliability and repeatability of your second stencil printing operation.

Custom-designed for your products, our supports allow high level of SMT processes industrialisation, quick production set up and an SMT production quality improvement.

The stencil printing supports are produced in aluminium. Strong, light, and easy to use, they give you the solutions to:

  • Double face panels operations
  • Poka yoke for the panel positionning
  • Quick production lines set up
  • Process reapatibility and accuracy improvement


Tools adapted to your machine and product configuration

For tooling fully adapted to your production, send us your machine data. We can then offer you the best solution for your product line.

To complete your request, the following data will be required for the design of your tools:

  • GERBER files (RS 274X format)
  • PCB or panelization drawing (pdf format)
  • Photo - top and bottom of PCB
  • SMT Height
  • Main dimensions of your stencil printing support : dimensions, thickness, locating poisitions...
Texte sur fond gris

Nos matériaux sont adaptés à vos process, ils présentent les caractéristiques suivantes :

  • Faible densité
  • Résistants
  • Stables dimensionnellement
  • Propres
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