Ajustable soldering frames

Ajustable soldering frames for more flexibility

Ajustable frames solutions

Adapted to your machine configurations, universal adjustable carriers are a versatile tool for your soldering lines.

Thanks to their flexibility and the available options, you can use just one adjustable carrier for many of your PCB references. Our adjustable carriers increase productivity, with minimal investment.

Our adjustable carriers are made using composite materials and/or aluminium profiles. Designed to be easy to use, they offer the following solutions:

  • Wave soldering of PCBs of different sizes
  • Adjustable holders for your components
  • An adjustable tilt system for high-quality wave soldering
  • Add rigidity to your PCBs with the anti-buckling system
  • Suitable support, thanks to multidirectional sliders
  • Precise conveyance level


OUR adjustable soldering frames


Custom design of your adjustable carrier

Tools adapted to your machine and product configuration

For tools fully adapted to your production, send us your machine data using our "configuration sheet". We can then offer you the best solution for your product line.

To complete your request, the following data will be required for the design of your tools:

  • Number of bars in X
  • Number of bars in Y
  • Desired holding system
  • PCB type
Texte sur fond gris

Nos matières sont compatibles avec vos process Pb ou ROHS et ont pour principales caractéristiques :

  • Antistatique
  • Résistant aux flux
  • Stable dimensionnellement
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