Serialised identification of tools - Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 traceability - The industry of the future

The digitalisation of production tools, particularly within the context of future industry projects, requires a traceability solution adapted to your tools. The traceability of tools allows better control of your processes: matching of the serial number of the PCB with the tools used, a in-depth analysis of quality data, management of storage locations, maintenance monitoring, etc.

To meet these new needs, CI Electronics has developed a datamatrix marking solution, using stainless steel plates, fully adapted to its products. This system makes it possible to identify tools using a unique reference, which will then be automatically readable on the production lines by 2D reader. Our datamatrix identification is perfectly integrated with tools.

The identification data written on the plate is provided by you. In the event of a change in marking, the information can be modified by simply changing the ID plate.

Produced by a process specially developed for this application, the IC Electronics identification plate is resistant to the environments of your processes without any loss of its optical reading qualities:

  • Reflow ovens
  • Wave and selective wave
  • Industrial machine washing
  • Resistance to soldering flux
  • Temperature variations in climatic oven
  • Coatings and coating solvents
  • etc.

Tools adapted to your processes and IT system:

Send us your identification references when ordering, and we will deliver your tools already identified and serialised.


Texte sur fond gris

CI Electronics ID inox datamatrix plate properties:

  • Anti-reflection surface for automatic and reliable detection on your production lines
  • Thermal choc resistant
  • Chemical soldering flux resistant
  • Washing chemical resistant
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