Soldering wave pallets

Soldering wave carriers with simple opening or selective mask or pocket

Soldering carrier solution for circuit board assembly

From simple wave carriers to pocket SMT carriers, CI Electronics offers tools  for all your most complex wave soldering operations.

The design of CI Electronics tools ensures a high level of quality for your through-hole assemblies. Designed based on your PCB and components, soldering carriers make your wave processes (traditional or selective) more reliable and repeatable. Designed to be ergonomic, they guarantee maximum productivity.

The soldering carriers are made using composite materials. Lightweight and highly resistant to all manufacturing processes (Pb or RoHS), they can have:

  • a single opening
  • selective masking: masking of pads, via, slots, screws, etc.
  • composite or titanium "pockets": pockets adapted to each SMT component
  • pressor: component holding, mezzanines, accurate positioning
  • Poka Yoke


OUR wave soldering pallets


Custom design of your soldering carrier

Tools adapted to your machine and product configuration For tools fully adapted to your products, send us your machine data using our downloadable "configuration sheet". We can then offer you the best solution for your processes: Kurtz Ersa, Soltec, Vagues Services, EPM…

To complete your request, the following data will be required for the design of your tools:

  • GERBER files (RS 274X format)
  • PCB or panelization drawing (pdf format)
  • Photo - top and bottom of PCB
  • SMT component height, for components on the bottom
  • Height of the components for top mounting
  • Configuration sheet for your wave machine


Texte sur fond gris

 Our materials are suitable for your lead or RoHS processes and have the following characteristics:

  • antistatic
  • flow resistant
  • dimensionally stable
  • resistant to thermal cycles
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